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Preparing your Home for an Inspection
This is a checklist of things to look for when you are preparing to sell home or preparing for an inspection.  If the repairs are made prior to the inspection, it will help to ensure that the transaction proceeds more smoothly:

  • Do wall & ceiling surfaces have holes or cracks that need patching?
  • Do all the windows have operable latches?
  • Can all windows be opened & closed properly?
  • Do any of the windows have cracked panes or broken seals?
  • Do windows need caulking?
  • Are any of the windows painted shut?
  • Are stair railings loose?
  • Are moldings loose, broken or missing?
  • Do interior doors stick, or open & close smoothly?
  • Are kitchen or bathroom tiles cracked?
  • Can you explain the existence or repair of old water penetration stains on walls & ceilings?
  • Does the chimney damper open & close properly?
  • Does the chimney need cleaning?
  • Does the chimney mortar need painting?
  • Is there insulation present in the attic?
  • Is the Insulation in the attic blocking attic vent?
  • Is there a distracting amount of clutter in any of the rooms that would prevent a thorough inspection?
  • Are there any signs of insect infestation?

  • Are there horizontal or vertical cracks in the foundation walls?
  • Does the grading around the house direct rain water away from the foundation?
  • Are any roof shingles missing?
  • Are the gutters & down spouts connected & secured to the house?
  • Are the gutters & down spouts clean & free from debris & weeds?
  • Is the exterior wood trim in good condition?
  • Are there any wood surfaces in direct contact with soil?
  • Are stair or porch railings loose?
  • Are the wood or concrete steps in good condition?
  • Does any of the siding need repair or replacement?
  • Are any of the landscape timbers rotted?
  • Do the retaining walls or fences need repair?
  • Are the sidewalks & driveway in good condition?

  • Do the bases of the faucets leak?
  • Do the faucets shut off completely, preventing water from dripping?
  • Are the faucet & shower head screens clean allowing full water flow?
  • Are any drains clogged?
  • Do the stopper mechanisms of sinks & bathtubs open & close properly?
  • Is there insulation on the water pipes in unheated areas of the home?
  • Is there access to the main water shut off valve?
  • Is there access to the main gas shut off valve?
  • Are the bathtub & shower enclosures properly caulked?
  • Are the toilets loose at the floor or at the tank?

  • Are any receptacles, switches or their covers broken or loose?
  • Are all receptacles "hot" & switches operable?
  • Do any light bulbs, fluorescents or cosmetic lights need replacing?
  • Do the ceiling fans work properly?
  • Do the reset buttons of GFCI receptacles pop out when the test button is pressed? (This indicates they are functioning properly)
  • Do the front & back door bells work?
  • Is the min electrical service wire entering the home secured to the exterior of the house?
  • Do electrical junction boxes have covers?
  • Do smoke alarms function when the test button is pressed?
  • Does the built-in microwave work?
  • Do all of the electrical range-top burners & ovens work?
  • Does the kitchen exhaust fan work?
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